Command your Security
Secure your Environment
Have total empowerment using military grade layers of pre-emptive technology to prevent damage from threats with no remediation required.

Feel the Cyemptive force and dominate your cyber security with Cyemptive ZeroStrike end-to-end protection. The cyber moment where you are in full command of your security and threats; even undiscovered Zero-Day attacks are stopped before they damage your systems. Utilizing our CyberSlice© technology, Cyemptive ZeroStrike will stop intrusion damage, and eliminate the need for recovery and remediation.

Command Zero Damage​

Command Zero Intrusion

Command Zero Remediation

Command Your Security

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Utilized in all of our solution commands, CyberSlice© technology isolates and
pre-emptively exterminates the threat, allowing you to fully achieve cyber safety.

Cyemptive CyberScan

Cyemptive CyberScan technology is a revolutionary platform that scans files to detect encryption and stop threats such as Ransomware before they compromise your environment.

Our Solutions

Protects from small sites to enterprise datacenters enabling full End-to-End Zero Trust. Perimeter command uses our patented CyberSlice© technology to destroy attacks in seconds.

  1. Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress
  2. Cyemptive Zero Trust Access Agent

Finally kill Ransomware and secure your remote workforce.

  1. Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress
Infiltration stops here, even from insider threats. Maintain your data integrity.
  1. Cyemptive File Fortress
  2. Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner

Prevent damage and secure critical infrastructure with our Cyemptive ZeroStrike capability.

  1. Cyemptive DNS Fortress
  2. Cyemptive Time Fortress

Centralize and command your cyber security leveraging Cyemptive ZeroStrike protection.

  1. Cyemptive SIEM
  2. Cyemptive Log Fortress
  3. Cyemptive Enterprise Manager

Transform your cloud infrastructure into an impenetrable digital fortress, ensuring that your clients’ sensitive data remains accessible, shielded, and secure.

  1. Unparalleled Firewall Security
  2. Ransomware Protection
  3. Tailored blueprints for cloud providers
  4. Customizable security components
Cyemptive ZeroStrike Cloud Command

Cyemptive can transform your cloud infrastructure into an impenetrable digital fortress. Experience Cyemptive ZeroStrike by using our patented CyberSlice© technology ensuring that your clients’ sensitive data remains accessible, shielded, and secure.

01. Unparalleled Firewall Security – Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress
02. Ransomware Protection – Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner
03. Tailored blueprints for Cloud Providers
04. Customizable Security Components
05. Military Grade Cyber Security That You Can Trust
Take the First Step Towards Unrivalled Cloud Security

Cyemptive ZeroStrike solutions can significantly improve the risk selection process for cyber insurance underwriters, reducing the frequency and severity of cyber insurance claims. As businesses around the world experience relentless cyberattacks, insurers are facing increasingly complex cyber claims. Cyemptive can pre-empt these attacks against both small businesses and large enterprises, reducing risks for insurers and self-insured organizations as well.

Our pre-emptive solutions will eliminate threats in your environment before they cause damage, giving you complete protection from various cyberattacks, including ransomware, allowing you to be in control of your cybersecurity. Insurers, reinsurers, and even alternative risk transfer vehicles can significantly reduce their cyber insurance risks when using our technology. The acceleration of more complex cyberattacks is a real threat to businesses and those insurers that underwrite these risks. Cyemptive can put your organization, and your customers, in the best position possible to control your cybersecurity and mitigate these risks.


Cyber insurance policies transfer the risk from the business being insured to many insurance companies in the market today. Coverage includes the increasing costs to reimburse customers for breach notification, data recover, and defending litigation from those impacted by a breach.


In 2023 alone, cyberattacks were estimated to have cost $8 trillion globally, while ransomware payments in that same year, exceeded $1billion for the first time , nearly doubling from 2022. The vast majority of ransomware attacks stem from unknown malware yet to be discovered. Cyber criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated, leveraging AI to accelerate their frequency and complexity of their attacks.


Cyemptive enables insurers to command the cyber underwriting process, improving their customer’s cyber risk profile. Our solutions identify known AND unknown threats that can trigger ransomware attacks, eliminating claim volatility, and providing a distinct underwriting advantage in the marketplace.




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Additional layer of security specialized on pre-emptive technology that is faster and far more effective than the competition.


Constantly changes key elements of our integrated Infrastructure; keeping it in a known predictable state.


Allows our customers to stay ahead of evolving threats to reduce risk, stay cyber safe, and compliant.


Eliminates vulnerability exploit time for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), AI, Super and Quantum computing attacks.


Allows us to collect accurate Security Events through post-extermination data.


Patented Technology used in all Cyemptive Command Solutions.


Highly available pre-emptive cyber security.

cyemptive CyberScan


Pre-emptively scans, identifies, detects, and stops known and unknown Malicious Encryption, Sleeper Ransomware, Hidden File Executables, Packers, Malware, and Steganography prior to infection.


Does not need or depend on AI, deep learning, signatures or other existing approaches that focus on post-intrusion analysis.


Unique, micro-segmented platform which provides isolation at multiple layers of the solution to prevent infections from executing, bypassing scans, or affecting the Operating System and low-level systems.


Detect and prevent cybersecurity threats in files before they enter and harm operating systems or networks.


Developed on Cyemptive’s End-to-End Zero Trust platform