Dominate your cyber security with Cyemptive ZeroStrike as it shields your digital assets from both known and unknown attack vectors, pre-Zero Day discovery preventing any potential damage before it even takes place.

Our focus is on proactively securing customer sites, a departure from the industry’s usual reactive approach of detecting incidents after the fact and then attempting to fix the damage. Cyemptive ZeroStrike empowers you to take full command of your cybersecurity, consistently staying one step ahead of malicious actors and embracing pre-emptive technology.

Our team of seasoned professionals is at your service, ready to provide personalized solutions that cater to your unique requirements. With our expertise, you can attain the cybersecurity stance you’ve always aimed to achieve.

Cyemptive Hygiene Scan

Our Hygiene Scan is the first step towards achieving Cyemptive ZeroStrike cybersecurity. We’ll start by crafting an individually tailored military-grade cyber threat intelligence brief and end with you knowing your vulnerabilities.

Cyemptive External forensic scan

With Cyemptive’s External Forensic Scan, you’ll know what elite hackers see when they probe your corporate network for vulnerabilities. We’ll identify exploitable weaknesses, including those from zero-day attacks that other industry providers can’t detect—or protect you from.

Cyemptive Internal Forensic Scan

Our Cyemptive Internal Forensic Scan tests your computing environment from within, giving you a holistic picture of your current cybersecurity posture, beyond what any single penetration test or outside-in scan can provide—and at significantly less time and cost than a Red Team engagement.

Cyemptive Gap Recon

Our all-encompassing Cyemptive Gap Recon service combines the features of our Internal and External Forensic Scans. By integrating these distinct outside-in and inside-out evaluations, we empower clients with unparalleled insights into their cybersecurity stance.

Cyemptive ZeroStrike Blueprint

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with Cyemptive’s personalized approach. Our experts will meticulously document and blueprint your computing environment, prioritizing your cybersecurity posture and architecture. Presenting you with a detailed architectural plan to eliminate vulnerabilities and achieve the highest level of cybersecurity preparedness, we ensure your organization’s safety in a digital world.

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