Perimeter Command

Complete Cyemptive ZeroStrike network protection.

01 Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress
02 Cyemptive Zero Trust Access Agent
Endpoint Command

Finally kill Ransomware and secure your remote workforce.

01 Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress
Data & File Command
Infiltration stops here, even from insider threats. Maintain your data integrity.
01 Cyemptive File Fortress
02 Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner
Infrastructure Command

Prevent damage and secure critical infrastructure with Cyemptive ZeroStrike capability.

01 Cyemptive DNS Fortress
02 Cyemptive Time Fortress
Cyemptive Security Command

Centralize and command your cyber security leveraging Cyemptive ZeroStrike protection.

01 Cyemptive SIEM
02 Cyemptive Log Fortress
03 Cyemptive Enterprise Manager
Cyemptive ZeroStrike Cloud Command

Transform your cloud infrastructure into an impenetrable digital fortress, ensuring that your clients’ sensitive data remains accessible, shielded, and secure.

01 Unparalleled Firewall Security
02 Ransomware Protection
03 Tailored blueprints for cloud providers
04 Customizable security components


Be in control of your cybersecurity by always staying one step ahead of the threats. Our patented preventive technology used in all of our Command Solutions allows you to do just that. CyberSlice© continuously sanitizes the Operating System whether or not it detects an anomaly creating an additional layer of security that enables pre-emptive technology. Unlike competitive solutions which are reactive in nature, CyberSlice© eliminates all damage even from previously unidentified threats. Your environment and systems are protected from Advanced Persistent Threats, AI, Super and Quantum computing attacks.

01 Reduce risk, stay cyber-safe and always compliant with CyberSlice©

02 Experience Cyemptive ZeroStrike, enabled by CyberSlice©, stop intrusion damage, and eliminate the need for recovery and remediation

03 Allows you to stay ahead of evolving threats to reduce risk, stay cyber safe, and compliant
04 Highly available pre-emptive cyber security
cyemptive CyberScan
Cyemptive CyberScan is a revolutionary platform that detects, scans and isolates files before they compromise your environment. Delivering a new Industry standard and capability

01 Pre-emptively scans, identifies, detects, and stops known and unknown Malicious Encryption, Sleeper Ransomware, Hidden File Executables, Packers, Malware, and Steganography prior to infection

02 Unique, micro-segmented platform which provides isolation at multiple layers of the solution to prevent infections from executing, bypassing scans, or affecting the Operating System and low-level systems
03 Has delivered detection results more than 100x compared to all other existing technologies combined
04 Developed on Cyemptive’s End-to-End Zero Trust platform
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