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Perimeter Command

Guard your perimeter with our security protections keeping your systems safe and providing you with full end-to-end cybersecurity. Experience complete Cyemptive ZeroStrike network protection.

Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress

The Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress stops today’s most advanced threats and quantum attacks while providing pre-emptive security on the network and perimeter level. Perimeter Fortress protects at both the outer and inner perimeters, and for both inbound and outbound data traffic, creating an effective building block for a comprehensive Defense-in-Depth framework. Pre-emptively exterminate network, root level, hardware and firmware attacks with our Perimeter Fortress. Perimeter Fortress provides an industry-first standard for Cyemptive ZeroStrike protection reducing risk and protecting your critical perimeters.


Why let an attacker into your network to find them later when they can be pre-emptively removed in seconds?

Current competitive products cannot properly defend the network against AI offensive threats, Super computer, or Quantum computer attacks including network-based hardware attacks. Infiltration occurs because even Next Generation Fire Walls (NGFWs) and perimeter solutions are only capable of stopping some threats allowing Zero-Day attacks to penetrate your systems and environment.


Inbound Protection using CyberSlice© Technology that eliminates vulnerability exploit time for APTs, AI, super and quantum computing attacks.

Outbound Protection by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) minimizing organizational risk from insider threats and data exfiltration.

Platform Protection using Multi-User Authorization (MUA) and CyberSlice© protect the firewall from modifications.


Cyemptive has developed unique, patented technologies, Zero Trust Blueprints, and solutions to detect and pre-emptively stop attackers before they can infiltrate networks.

We have successfully and pre-emptively detected & defeated 600+ unique unknown Zero-Day attacks to date; not after post event dwell time how reactive, competitive solutions identify threats.
Protect environments from social engineering attacks with Defense-in-Depth security and proven blueprinted architectures to stop threats originating from inside networks.
Protects small sites to enterprise datacenters by eliminating all damage from Zero-Day, network, root level, hardware and firmware attacks.

Reduce organizational and brand risk with Cyemptive ZeroStrike perimeter protection. Reduce costs associated with point solutions that do not work, false positives, and time chasing down, recovering, and performing post remediation from common and Zero-Day attacks.

Cyemptive Zero Trust Access Agent

The Cyemptive Zero Trust Access Agent (CZTA) is a unique, cybersecurity solution to secure remote workforce data communications from a myriad of MITM cyber-attacks. The combination of CZTA and Perimeter Fortress delivers a level of protection that supercomputer and even today’s quantum computing attacks cannot compromise. Our pre-emptive protection is far more effective than competitive VPN technologies.


With Certificate Authorities and VPNs being compromised daily, is your remote workforce and sensitive data really secure?
The rate of offensive hacking is growing 10x faster than defensive protection. The VPN model and static certificates along with Certificate Authorities are being compromised. Bad actors can steal keys and certificates and walk in the corporate front door. They are using Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks to break into so-called secure communications between remote users and corporate data centers.


Cyemptive Zero Trust Access agent (CZTA) pre-emptively prevents sophisticated, persistent attacks against remote computers’ Data in Flight. This includes today’s Quantum computing based attacks, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks, Zero-Day exploits, and other vulnerabilities traditional VPNs were not designed to protect.

CZTA is an add-on feature to our Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress solution leading a new, revolutionary defense to properly secure an organization’s remote workforce, data, and connections to corporate and private networks.
Zero Trust Access agent uses Cyemptive’s patented CyberSlice© technology to replace at-risk, static VPN tunnels with a preemptive, dynamic tunnel capability to fully secure a remote workforce, corporate data, and communication channels.
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