Significantly reduce your portfolio risk by eliminating damage even from unknown attack vectors with Cyemptive ZeroStrike solutions. Cyemptive solutions will eliminate threats in your client’s environment before they cause damage, significantly reducing the risk in your cyber portfolio. With Cyemptive ZeroStrike, there is no need for recovery and remediation reimbursement, an industry first capability.




Average Ransomware Payment by Insurance

Number of Attacks Per Day on Cyemptive, Successfully Defended

Average Cost of Data Breach for 2023

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Partner with us today to strengthen your cyber insurance. Cyemptive is seeking thought leaders in the cyber sector looking for true innovation to supplement their traditional underwriting models. As a Cyemptive Partner, you will be able to:

Cyemptive’s cyber security solutions have the ability to significantly de-risk your book of business by eliminating attacks before they turn into claims. These actionable insights allow cyber insurance underwriters to get ahead of the true cost of embedded risks that are often times causing the largest losses they face.

250 Billion: cyber attack attempts per day on our website infrastructure that are stopped

45 Billion: cyberattack attempts per day that are repelled by JPMorgan/ Chase.


Cyemptive’s patented CyberSlice©  technology reduces the potential of getting breached with any imminent threat, bringing you back in control to manage your cyber risks.

Reduce Breaches

Our pre-emptive solutions have the capability to stop the threat at the source before they infiltrate any asset in the IT environment, preventing Ransomware from occurring.


Cyemptive ZeroStrike acts as a deterrent for any infringement from any imminent threat, helping you defend against all bad actors while logging and alerting IT analysts, leading to minimum loss of recovery debt.


Traditional methods of underwriting cyber insurance face significant hurdles when it comes to accurately pricing risk. The ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, combined with the exponential growth of digital artifacts, complicates risk assessment. These artifacts often emerge from hidden malware within an insured organization’s operations, evading detection during the underwriting process. These “unknown unknowns” are hidden attacks that have not been properly underwritten or priced, potentially leaving gaps in coverage.

71% of organizations were hit annually by ransomware attacks worldwide from 2018-2023.

To address these challenges and adequately price cyber risks, insurers must embrace more sophisticated approaches. Beyond relying solely on historical data, underwriters need pre-emptive cybersecurity solutions that anticipate attacks and identify hidden risks. Additionally, leveraging technology-driven assessment tools allows for a more accurate evaluation of an organization’s security posture. Continuous monitoring throughout the coverage period ensures adaptability to emerging threats. The cyber insurance landscape demands a shift toward pre-emptive cybersecurity that eliminates damage even from unknown attack vectors pre-zero day discovery, allowing for zero recovery and remediation.


The risk of a catastrophic systemic cyberattack triggering coverage for hundreds, if not thousands of insureds simultaneously grows each day. This escalating threat arises from embedded viruses in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products or connected software, which could lead to ransomware demands or widespread operational disruptions. Such an event would have severe implications for insurers’ balance sheets.

When it comes to Ransomware, the average cost of a claim is $485k

In 2024, United’s Change Healthcare division fell victim to a true systemic loss. This cyberattack impacted thousands of pharmacies, providers, and patients worldwide, leading insurance companies to ask the question: How many cyber insurance policies will be affected by this significant event?


Since 2014, Cyemptive has been on a mission to transform the cyber security industry from its current reactive nature to a fully proactive approach, preventing damage from even unknown Zero Day attacks.

Our award winning solutions redefine security by using automated techniques to pre-emptively stop threats where human-dependent, post breech detection, and AI solutions do not.

We empower our customers by putting them in command of their security and stopping the threat before damage occurs. Our customer partnership approach, award winning solutions, and global partnerships with companies like Hitachi, enable our customers to achieve a new level of cybersecurity safety.

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