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Solve your problems associated with how unstructured data is stored, used and accessed by layering with our Cyemptive File Fortress and Enterprise Scanner.

Cyemptive File Fortress

The Cyemptive File Fortress protects mission critical and sensitive data. It’s implemented using our proven CyberSlice© technology to deliver the highest levels of security and availability. The ideal usage is confidential R&D data, deployment automation, and secure patch updates.


Is your Network Storage using Access Controls alone to protect sensitive data?
Access Controls do not provide sufficient layers of security to prevent compromises to the integrity of the data store. When shared network storage is used for applications or infrastructure, a compromise of the storage system typically results in operational outages, ex-filtration of data, corruption of data, and risk to an organization’s reputation. And even if you have implemented industry best practice reactive security controls, Cyemptive ZeroStrike gives you an additional capability to defeat ZeroDay attack damage.


File Fortress provides a secured file store for application and users.
File Fortress can use existing storage assets for greater ROI.
Servers and endpoints can access data that has not been manipulated or modified which is critical to enable an End-to-End Zero Trust environment.


The Cyemptive File Fortress uses Cyemptive CyberScan as a service which includes:

Cyemptive File Fortress integrates with the Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner to scan, isolate, and clean files being ingested for White Room validation.

Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner

The Enterprise Scanner utilizes our Cyemptive CyberScan technology in a scalable solution to detect and prevent cybersecurity issues before they enter and harm operating systems or networks. It fingerprints files to detect and prevent both known and unknown forms of encryption with thousands of file types cataloged to date.


Are you certain NO malware or ransomware exists in your sensitive data?

All competitive solutions fall short in effectiveness and completely rely on API monitoring, check-sums, white lists, and signature-based detection. Offensive hacking is growing 10x faster than defensive protection. Over 200,000 malware variants are created daily that are NOT detected or registered.


The Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner continuously scans existing data, backup data, and data originating from outside your organization to ensure compromised files do not infect your network or operations.

The Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner utilizes our Cyemptive CyberScan technology in a scalable solution to detect and prevent cybersecurity issues before they infiltrate operating systems or networks.

The Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner does not rely on signatures, API detection, or patterns, but instead uses a superior, patented deep file scanning process to fingerprint, identify, and isolate threats before malware and ransomware can compromise the environment.
In tests, bake-offs, and production, we have consistently delivered detection results that exceed current industry scanning solutions.


The Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner is built on a Zero Trust platform and incorporates our highly efficient cluster technology for scalability and rapid scanning of massive operational and backup datasets.
Cyemptive’s CyberScan technology is a revolutionary platform that scans all files in your environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware as well as other forms of malware before they become a problem.

In production, our Cyemptive CyberScan technology has delivered detection results more than 100x compared to all other existing technologies combined.

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