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Endpoint Command
Protect your endpoints with the most sophisticated and only preemptive technology available on the market.

Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress

The Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress is an integrated suite of software and specially designed sensors that uses our patented technologies and Machine Learning (ML) to secure user systems from malware, ransomware, targeted and phishing attacks. Enforce policies and automate compliance while providing automatic detection and active response within seconds to minutes.


Can you afford NOT to enforce security policies for your organization’s priceless data?

Inadvertent compromises are caused by improper human actions which make endpoints the start of many organizational breaches for: Data in Use, Data at Rest, and Data in Flight. Competitive solutions do not have the ability to protect endpoint data in all of these states and do not provide an integrated, single vendor solution. This means your organization’s data is at risk.


Protects all aspects of Data in Use, Data at Rest and Data in Flight (CZTA). Protects against all active and passive threats while securing your users, devices, and network.
Endpoint Fortress provides real-time, active response that secures, monitors, scans, and enforces security policies across your organization while providing a simplified way to achieve compliance.
It protects endpoints inside an organization’s network, including remote workers anywhere, physical or virtual (VDI).


Cyemptive has developed unique, patented CyberSlice© technologies, End-to-End Zero Trust Blueprints, and sensors to detect and preemptively stop threats before they can infiltrate endpoints and networks to achieve a new and higher cyber standard that competitors cannot match.
To protect Data in Flight, Endpoint Fortress integrates with Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (CZTA) agents to secure and encrypt communications in and out of a datacenter securing all data and policies.
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