Cyemptive ZeroStrike Cloud Command

Powering Secure Cloud Protection for Cloud Providers

Are you a cloud provider worrying about ransomware? Look no further. Cyemptive can transform your cloud infrastructure into an impenetrable digital fortress. Experience Cyemptive ZeroStrike by using our patented CyberSlice© technology ensuring that your clients’ sensitive data remains accessible, shielded, and secure. With Cyemptive ZeroStrike we protect your infrastructure even from previously unknown Zero Day attacks.

01. Unparalleled Firewall Security – Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress

At Cyemptive, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding both the outer and inner perimeters of your cloud infrastructure. Our NGFW’s powered by CyberSlice© are meticulously designed to fortify your network against the most advanced ransomware attacks, advance persistent threats, super, quantum computer attacks, and both known and unknown Zero Day attacks. Whether we’re defending you and your clients against external attacks or internal breaches, Cyemptive has you covered.

02. Ransomware Protection – Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner:

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so are cyber threats like ransomware. Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner is your frontline defense against these malicious attacks. We proactively scan incoming files and backups to ensure that ransomware remains a distant concern, letting you focus on delivering seamless and superior cloud experience to your customers. Even if an internal bad actor compromises files, our scanner protects your backup environment ensuring you can remediate ransomware attacks.

03. Tailored blueprints for Cloud Providers:

We understand that every cloud provider has unique needs. That’s why we offer solutions blueprinted and tailored specifically to your needs. Our flexible packages ensure that you get the precise level of security you need without unnecessary overheads.

04. Customizable Security Components:

Our solutions empower you with additional layers of security which are mission critical to the standard security offerings from current service providers. This includes delivering secure time and DNS protocols which harden your infrastructure and provides a trusted environment where all your IP, onsite and digital assets are secure.

05. Military Grade Cyber Security That You Can Trust:

Cyemptive is globally recognized as a provider for military grade cybersecurity. Our team of experts are dedicated to keeping you ahead of emerging threats and challenges including cyber warfare. With Cyemptive, you’re not just getting point solutions – you’re gaining a partner committed to your safety and a partner able to protect you against previously unknown Zero Day attacks.
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