Cyemptive Internal Forensic Scan

Our Cyemptive Internal Forensic Scan tests your computing environment from within, following an Assumed Breach methodology to evaluate internal cybersecurity measures from the perspective of an attacker who is already inside the perimeter. With initial access granted as a typical user, our experts will determine whether or not a compromised account or malicious insider can penetrate your company’s critical data assets. In parallel, we fingerprint your internal network, including all existing defense and resiliency measures. Together, this gives you a holistic picture of your current cybersecurity posture, beyond what any single penetration test or outside-in scan can provide—and at significantly less time and cost than a Red Team engagement.

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Using our proprietary scan technology we have been able to identify unknown zero day attacks that penetrated firewalls, DNS servers, Time Services, Log compromises, and ex-filtration of data.
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