ASTORS Award 2022 - Platinum

Cyemptive Technologies Wins Ten 2022 “ASTORS” Homeland Security Awards, the Most of Any Company at this Year’s Competition

Snohomish, WA  (November 21, 2022) – Cyemptive Technologies, the only cybersecurity company that guarantees to eliminate cyber threats, today announced it is the recipient of ten 2022 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards from American Security Today – more than any other company at this year’s competition.

Cyemptive won for its groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions that are the only ones on the market today guaranteed to protect computing environments before or immediately following a compromise.

“Cyemptive shattered records this year by receiving the most awards of any of the organizations who were nominated.  They have an impressive suite of solutions that simply could not be beat,” said Michael Madsen, Publisher of American Security Today (AST) and host of the AST Homeland Security Awards.

American Security Today’s Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards is the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program.  It recognizes industry leaders in a variety of areas, including Physical and Border Security, Cybersecurity, Emergency Preparedness – Management and Response, Law Enforcement, First Responders, as well as federal, state and municipal government agencies in the acknowledgment of their outstanding efforts to keep the nation secure. 

Cyemptive handles threat elimination by keeping systems in known and predictable states while constantly and automatically removing threats.  Unlike the competition, Cyemptive’s patented technologies protect against both known and unknown “Zero-Day” attacks, including hardware-based compromises.  Cyemptive won five Platinum Awards, two Gold Awards, two Silver Awards and one Bronze Award including:

  • “Best Zero Day Cyber Platform” and “Best Preventative Cyber Solution” – Cyemptive Suite of Solutions (Platinum)
  • “Best Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution” – Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (Platinum)
  • “Best Cyber Perimeter Solution” – Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress and Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (Platinum)
  • “Best Cloud Computing/Storage Solution” – Cyemptive Cloud Fortress (Platinum)
  • “Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution” – Cyemptive Suite of Solutions (Gold)
  • “Best Anti-Malware Solution” – Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner; (Gold)
  • “Best Network Security Solution” – Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (Silver)
  • “Best Security Incident & Event Management Solution (SIEM)” – Cyemptive SIEM (Silver)
  • “Best Cybersecurity Solution” – Cyemptive Suite of Solutions (Bronze)

“We’re thrilled to be honored by such an illustrious organization, as well as humbled to be singled out for these awards from a playing field that included some of the leading players in cybersecurity today,” said Rob Pike, founder and CEO of Cyemptive Technologies.

About Cyemptive Technologies

Since 2014, Cyemptive has been on a mission to make large organizations cyber safe. Today, more than 130 customers worldwide utilize Cyemptive’s award-winning software, services and support to remove all cyber threats before or immediately after they are compromised.  The company’s leadership team is comprised of executives from several of the world’s most powerful technology and security organizations, including the former CIO of Microsoft and the former Chief Computer Architect for the National Security Agency.  More information about Cyemptive Technologies is available at

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