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Read how Cyemptive Changes the Cybersecurity Landscape

“Cyemptive’s award-winning solutions are moving cyber-defense to an entirely new level, and we are excited to launch this strategic agreement that, combined with Hitachi Systems India’s capabilities, will actually provide the answer that truly cyber-protects our customers.”

Anuj G.

“2023 makes the second year in a row that Cyemptive has shattered records at the ‘ASTORS’ by winning more awards than any other nominee. Not only does this mark the most awards won by any individual nominee at the 2022 and 2023 competition, it represents the most awards won by any nominee in a single year in the history of the competition.”

Michael M.

“With the advent of everyone moving to a more remote model, the bad actors out there became even more active, and it exposed the reliance on consumer grade apps to store and share data, as well as the need for a more secure data strategy. I rest easy now knowing that with the Cyemptive firewalls in place and tuned for NU, with Sentinel One in place, with the basics all covered, and with real-time monitoring, we are well protected.”

Robert F.

“I have worked with the team multiple times in varying circumstances. From the initial contact on the phone to troubleshooting with the technical engineers, the team puts the customer first by providing timely, effective solutions with excellent customer service!”

Cathy z.

“The combination of Cyemptive’s unique firewall solution and their exceptional service level is unparalleled. I now have a highly enhanced level of cyber protection and the speed at which Cyemptive brought me back on-line following the failure of my previous firewall provider ensured my bottom line impact was minimized.”

Kirk g.

“I have long awaited for a technology that approached security from a preventative stance rather than a machine learned one. Until Cyemptive was in the market there was nobody looking at protection pre-invasion of an attack. The days of being weeks out of sync with cyber warriors are long gone thanks to Cyemptive. We are now ahead of the attackers in the industry and able to prevent events from ever entering our environments. In addition, the most compelling benefit of Cyemptive is that we are able to identify the most sophisticated pieces of malware in the world before it is ever processed. This provides us with an edge over all our competitors. Cyemptive will radically change how security and cyber-defense is approached for many years to come.”

Paul h.

“I could not be more pleased with the support from you and your team. You, Justin and Bryan and all the support staff, a big thank you. A stressful and terrible experience was turned into a positive, thanks to Cyemptive. To not only recover all my data, but enhance my hardware in the process, was beyond what I’d expected.”

Jana G.

“We are very impressed with their knowledge and their customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend their services.”

Steven K.

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