Cybersecurity Pioneer Cyemptive Technologies Warns of the Limitations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cyber Protection; Provides First Reliable Solution

Cyemptive Technologies, Inc., a provider of preemptive cybersecurity products and technology and winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market, today cautioned entities to recognize the limitations of relying solely on detection based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cyber protection and outlines the first reliable solution to address these limitations and provide actual preemptive cyber-attack prevention.

With everyone working remotely from home and many offices either empty or partially populated, the increase in cyber-attacks continues to climb dramatically. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported an over 300% increase in the number of complaints per day during 2020, compared to pre-COVID-19 reporting. This is all occurring in an environment where unprecedented, significant rises in remote worker access occurred quickly and unexpectedly. According to Cyemptive, most companies have serious cyber problems even when deploying AI and behavioral detection technologies.

“It is critically important for people and companies to be aware of the actual level of cyber protection being provided to them when assessing risk and associated mitigation activities to avoid being lulled into a false sense of security, only to be surprised and unprepared when their systems are breached and infected,” said Rob Pike, CEO and founder of Cyemptive. “You need to ask yourself: ‘Do I believe my current level of cyber protection is truly keeping me secure?’ “

Applications and data reside on operating systems that have more than 30 million lines of code; however, it only takes one “weak” partial line of code for hackers to completely take over and wreak havoc across an entire company. In addition, these operating systems reside on hardware with associated firmware that is similarly vulnerable – all complicated by the fact hackers are rapidly growing more and more sophisticated.

“AI is designed to detect hackers after the infiltration has occurred by applying learnings gathered from analysis of elements of actual attacks built up over a period of time,” said Bryan Seely, Cyemptive’s Senior Security Architect and well-known cybersecurity author and expert. “Artificial Intelligence or machine learning is a detection tool based on analyzing repeated attacks in large numbers and human intervention over several months to train the AI ‘brain’ to recognize that a signature of a particular scenario is bad and needs to be addressed. Even though AI-based industry solutions have reduced detection time of known attack profiles, it does not prevent infiltration and by definition cannot quickly detect new, unknown zero-day attacks.”

“We have customers asking if we can review more details on why and how hackers are getting past their current defenses and the problem usually comes down to lack of understanding what level of security their existing protection tools are actually providing vs what they think they are providing,” said Pike. “What is needed is a solution that provides actual prevention of known and unknown attacks in seconds, regardless of origin, structure, signature, zero-day or otherwise and that is what Cyemptive provides. We are finding things that no one else is finding.”

Cyemptive’s award-winning technology combines to preempt threats before they can jeopardize the system. Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice© is “human-less” technology rapidly and effortlessly removing known and unknown threats in seconds without the need for “big data” AI analysis on terabytes of log files. Cyemptive’s CyScan technology scans the state of the environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware and many other forms of malware before they become a problem. Integrated together, Cyemptive’s technology delivers measurable results and enables it to provide seconds-based performance guarantees for its customers.

About Cyemptive Technologies

Founded in 2014, Cyemptive is a provider of pre-emptive cybersecurity products and technology. With a leadership team comprised of executives from several of the world’s most powerful technology and security organizations, including the former CIO of Microsoft and the former Chief Computer Architect for the National Security Agency, the company’s focus is on delivering an alternative approach to security. It is the winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Security Technology Consortium (BSTC) competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market.  More information about Cyemptive Technologies is available at

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