Rob Pike

As founder and CEO of Cyemptive Technologies, Rob Pike leads with a wealth of experience in creating new technologies and bringing them to market for companies both large and small.
Pike founded Cyemptive in 2014, with the vision of ushering in a new era of cybersecurity. Working in stealth mode, the company focused on developing a revolutionary approach to solving cyber threats, using a preemptive strategy to remove hackers and threats in real time. The resulting technology was so impressive that the Department of Homeland Security named it the most innovative border security related solution on the market in its first-ever national competition.
Prior to founding Cyemptive, Pike served as Chief Strategy Officer at Hitachi Data Systems in Japan, where he invented Hitachi’s cloud platform UCP. Before that, he was with Microsoft, where he served in a variety of capacities culminating with Virtualization Architect, where he invented an internal cloud solution. He has founded several startups, in addition to Cyemptive Technologies.
Pike holds numerous patents in servers, storage, networking, monitoring, security and management.