Network & Perimeter Protection

Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (CZTA)


CZTA is an add-on feature to our Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) solution leading a new, revolutionary defense to properly secure an organization’s remote workforce, data, and connections to corporate and private networks. CZTA pre-emptively prevents sophisticated, persistent attacks including today’s quantum computing-based attacks, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks, Zero-Day exploits, and other vulnerabilities traditional VPNs were not designed to protect against. CZTA is a product offering built from the ground up on a Zero Trust architecture and uses Cyemptive’s patented CyberSlice© technology to provide a revolutionary, pre-emptive security method to protect the remote workforce in all small, medium, and enterprise commercial and government organizations. A comprehensive, integrated solution is needed to prevent growing sophisticated attacks and defend against all forms of known and unknown attacks with a pre-emptive, automated defense technology. This coupled with central management are essential to truly secure environments.

The Problems Solved

The rate of offensive hacking is growing 10x faster than defensive protection. The VPN model and static certificates along with Certificate Authorities (CAs) have been compromised. Bad actors can steal keys and certificates and walk right in the corporate front door. Bad actors are using MITM attacks to break into so-called secure communications between remote users and corporate datacenters. A revolutionary, new approach is needed in the industry.

With CA’s and VPNs being compromised daily, is your remote workforce and sensitive data really secure?

Super Computer and today’s quantum computing attacks cannot defeat the revolutionary technology of the CZTA and CPF combined.
CZTA is built from the ground up on a Zero Trust architecture providing the highest level of security and confidentiality.
CZTA utilizes our patented CyberSlice© technology to fully secure a remote workforce, corporate data, and communication channels.

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