The Cyemptive Difference

Imagine a world where the threat of a cyber-attack is eliminated.


Imagine a unique, non-signature based, in-line technology that detects and removes threats in real-time, not depending on human-based intervention.


Our comprehensive services, revolutionary technology and disruptive solutions fulfill this vision.




Three Technologies—One Cyemptive

CyberSlice ®

Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice technology rapidly and effortlessly isolates cyberattacks, providing protection that is faster and far more effective than current existing systems.


Cyemptive’s CyberScan technology is a revolutionary platform that scans the state of your environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware and many other forms of malware before they become a problem.


Cyemptive's service level agreement performance (CyberSLA) provides new, revolutionary seconds-based performance measures and guarantees for our customers.

Join Cyemptive in making the world cyber-safe and experience the

Our Core Values

Our culture embodies the core values of trustworthiness, integrity, respect, perseverance and continuous innovation. In a dangerous world of constant threats we know that every day the work we do makes a difference. Our drive to continually innovate and push the boundaries makes your world a safer place.

TRUSTWORTHY - We are honest, reliable and truthful to our team, customers and all stakeholders.

INTEGRITY - We always act in a principled manner and do the right things for the right reasons.

RESPECTFUL - Our word and actions demonstrate regard for the feelings, rights, and traditions of others. We listen and hear before responding. We are open and transparent when sharing ideas, thoughts and experience with others.

CONTINUOUS INNOVATION - We believe that learning and innovation is the foundation and lifeblood of our company, and we continuously strive to develop new methods, revolutionary ideas and disruptive solutions. We understand the importance of balancing innovation with the need to achieve quality excellence.

TEAM PERSEVERANCE - Together, as a team, we are tenacious and persistent in the pursuit of our vision and goals despite any difficulties or delays we may face in achieving success.

Why Cyemptive?

We have a proven record of delivering measurable results for our clients, coupled with long-term strategic solutions.

Immediate assessment and real-time containment

Immediate application of our patented technology solutions to prevent a reoccurrence

Post-incident root cause analysis

Preparation of a Strategic Preventative Plan

Technology roadmap for Strategic Plan

Detailed solution design


A detailed Performance measurement (SLA’s measured in seconds)

What our Clients Say

I have worked with the team multiple times in varying circumstances. From the initial contact on the phone to troubleshooting with the technical engineers, the team puts the customer first by providing timely, effective solutions with excellent customer service!.



The combination of Cyemptive’s unique firewall solution and their exceptional service level is unparalleled. I now have a highly enhanced level of cyber protection and the speed at which Cyemptive brought me back on-line following the failure of my previous firewall provider ensured my bottom line impact was minimized.



I have long awaited for a technology that approached security from a preventative stance rather than a machine learned one. Until Cyemptive was in the market there was nobody looking at protection pre-invasion of an attack. The days of being weeks out of sync with cyber warriors are long gone thanks to Cyemptive. We are now ahead of the attackers in the industry and able to prevent events from ever entering our environments.



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