Cybersecurity Services


Cyemptive offers a wide range of Security Assessments and Services.


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Protect your data and systems against threats and intruders with our custom security services covering cybersecurity, compliance, IT and cloud.  We can tailor our service model to complement your size and organization structure, either providing a suite of solutions with selected services attached or a full end-to-end service program with solutions attached. 

Cybersecurity Assessments
We quickly assess environments providing initial remediation & recovery, while evaluating layers of protection to provide a deep and comprehensive analysis of cybersecurity state.  Cyemptive Assessment Services include a range from a simple Application & Architecture Assessment to a Basic Hygiene Scan, an In-Depth Investigation, Red Team Testing, and customized penetration testing. 

Compliance Assessments
The assessment is the start of the compliance process and the first step to success.  This consists of either a high-level assessment or an in-depth network scan that gauges the clients’ security posture.  Cyemptive offers either a Gap Assessment with Remediation, or a deep Virtual Red Team Assessment with Findings. The assessment process is the beginning of the compliance journey.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services
We provide fully automated, real-time forensic-based threat hunting. Inspection of thousands of endpoints, servers, infrastructure services, perimeter devices, routers, VPNs, applications, storage devices and more, simultaneously, to reduce dwell time and eliminate hidden threats residing in your network or attempting to infiltrate your networks.

Custom Cybersecurity Services
Cyemptive provides customized consulting services, in addition to a comprehensive suite of service offerings, where we can tailor the services required by the customers’ business environment. Cyemptive’s blueprints allow for thorough planning and smooth transitions into a secure Zero-Trust computing environment and provide a framework for implementing layers of Cyemptive solutions that greatly increase protection through segmentation.

In addition, Cyemptive offers customized consulting services to secure and simplify compliance, recommend what can be automated or streamlined, deliver solutions to ensure real time compliance through a single pane of glass, and increase productivity without sacrificing security or compliance.

Cyemptive’s Service Level Agreement (CyberSLA) performance provides customers with seconds-based performance measures and guarantees, CyberSLAs are financially backed, reducing risk and cost of recovery. Cyemptive will pay financial penalties, defer payment or will reimburse if performance agreements are not met. No other entity provides seconds-based, financially backed, guaranteed SLA’s with their cyber protection offerings.