Security Services

Protect your data and systems against threats and intruders with our custom security services.

Cyemptive provides a comprehensive suite of service offerings covering security, compliance, IT and cloud services. We can tailor our service model to complement your size and organization structure, either providing a suite of solutions with selected services attached or a full end-to-end service program with solutions attached.

Real-time Situation Awareness

Cyemptive’s revolutionary approach is the first technology to be able to identify bad actors and verify bad actors with in seconds of encroachment. By enabling this capability, we can measure and identify indicators of compromise and automatically react to the state of your cyber posture and manage a breach in real time as it is actively occurring.

Root Cause Analysis

Cyemptive’s ability to reduce automated handling of attempted system breaches means the automated reports can present root cause analytics real-time, however further immediate action is not required because 99% of the time the intrusion event was already handled and pre-empted. The auto tracking platform provides a storyline of the events that have taken place, but the technology platform creates a process the hackers cannot breach no matter how they come at it. Hackers continue to try new scenarios against Cyemptive’s Secure Platform but struggle to get past even the basic layers of its security architecture. Utilizing the Cyemptive Secure Platform and root cause analytics will auto harden your defenses and respond to threats in real time.

Real-time Automated Alert Validation

Cyemptive has built the next generation of Cyber defense and alerts to handle millions of attacks per minute while managing the attacks in real-time. The system correlates alerts and does cross product / service correlation to deliver results that your security teams can review in real-time the results of what was automatically handled. The intelligence of alerts is shared (upon approval) with Cyemptive’s intelligence cloud, and cross company correlation of defenses are built, automated and blocked in a near real-time approach to further continuously improve your security posture.

Real-time Auto Incident Response

Cyemptive’s automated incident response is a core of the product feature but most situations are handled before the hacker has a chance to create an “incident”. The hackers’ controls are contained and isolated before he gets a chance to create an “incident”, so if anything is executed or attempted, it is already caught, contained, isolated and the threat is eliminated in seconds before it becomes an incident. For scenarios within the internal operations teams and “inside employee” threats, the platform has levels of depth that creates the system and network changes required to execute on and catch the insider threat and again block it before it becomes an issue. The platform provides real-time Automated Forensic Analysis (AFA) that can model certain tracking elements. The overall impact enables automated responses and automated handling of cyber incidents, and revolutionizes the state of cybersecurity operations.

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