Patented Technologies


Our technologies are unique, award-winning, and proven.

Our patented and patent-pending technologies provide the only path to next generation superior cyber-hygiene. Cyemptive protects against threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats, Automated Threats, and Zero-Day attacks, including Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence Attacks. Superior cyber-hygiene includes and builds on good cyber-hygiene. Good cyber-hygiene includes regular patching, anti-virus updates, ensuring identify protection, implementing configuration standards, consistent monitoring and scanning, and more. Superior cyber-hygiene includes all of these best practices, but also includes pre-emptively protecting against quantum, automated, persistent threats while also capturing and stopping Zero-Day, known and unknown attacks.

Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice© technology rapidly and automatically isolates cyberattacks, providing protection that is faster and far more effective than competitors’ older generation systems.

Cyemptive’s CyberScan© technology scans the state of your environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware and other forms of malware before they become a problem.

Cyemptive’s service level agreements (CyberSLAs© ) guarantee seconds-based performance for our customers.