Cyemptive Solutions protect your Entire Computing Environment.
Only Cyemptive’s cybersecurity solutions are guaranteed to protect your computing environments before or immediately following a compromise.

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Our solutions handle threat elimination by keeping the system in a known and predictable state while constantly and automatically removing threats. Unlike the competition, Cyemptive’s patented technologies protect against both known and unknown “Zero-Day” attacks. We assume hacks are constantly occurring and execute patented processes that eliminate the potential for a compromise.

Cyemptive Management & SIEM

Cyemptive Solution Management and the Cyemptive SIEM provide a single pane of glass to manage your entire Cyemptive environment architected on end-to-end Zero Trust with an on-premises and SOC service offering.

Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)

Cyemptive SIEM (CSM)

Network & Perimeter Protection

This level of protection is mostly handled by firewalls and protects Data in Flight or in transit between datacenters, remote workers, connectivity to Public Cloud services. Cyemptive provides outer perimeters (firewalls) and inner perimeters (Defense-in-Depth) while CZTA provides secured, encrypted methods to protect data in flight where traditional VPNs cannot.

Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF)

Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (CZTA)

Application Protection

Application Protection refers to the protection of software applications hosted by an operating system. Most application security practices rely on Access Controls or Network and Perimeter security like firewalls to protect Data in Use.

Cyemptive Web Fortress (CWF)

Infrastructure Protection

Two critical infrastructure services that all businesses require for operations include time synchronization such as Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Domain Name Service (DNS) for mapping human readable domains to IP addresses. These are two of the most hacked and vulnerable services that every organization uses. Cyemptive’s solutions fully protect your infrastructure making sure all of your applications and service protocols are secure.

Cyemptive Time Fortress (CTF)

Cyemptive DNS Fortress (CDF)

Data & File Protection

Malware and Ransomware are infecting organizations at an alarming rate and continuously go undetected, leaving your data at risk. Data & File protection refer to the protection of Data at Rest which can be either raw data on a storage device, or files on a filesystem.

Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES)

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints refer to systems that are used in a main office, datacenter, or remotely. On these systems, protecting Data in Use and Data at Rest are critical. If the systems are supplied by the end user themselves, malware can infect these edge devices and proliferate into datacenters, leaving your organization’s data at risk.

Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress (CEF)

Public Cloud Protection

Public clouds offer connectivity and ease of use for Networking (Data in Flight), Compute (Data in Use), and Storage (Data at Rest). Since these services provide all types of data usage, they have inherent problems keeping data secure. Where is your data? Who has access to it? How can resources be secured? All public cloud access today is secured with Access Controls which do NOT completely secure data and satisfy the questions above.

Cyemptive Cloud Fortress (CCF)

Only Cyemptive’s cybersecurity solutions are guaranteed to protect your computing environments before or immediately following a compromise with automated solutions that pre-emptively stop threats where human-dependent and AI solutions do not.