Our Solutions

Cyemptive’s patented technology combined with our associated trade secret technology enables a revolutionary cyber defense.
Together we call them our SUITE OF SOLUTIONS

Our solutions move the detection and protection bar from months to seconds and minutes when it comes to cyber defense


Eliminates attacks greater than 30 seconds


Eliminates attacks within 30 seconds or less


Measures attacks in seconds or less

Our Suite

Integrated together, our 3 breakthrough Technologies enable Cyemptive to realize the goals of securing your systems and data and creating a world where effective cybersecurity is assumed.

Cyemptive commits to support this breakthrough technology by offering customers performance based SLA's (CyberSLA) that reflect these timeframes.

Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)

The control center and execution engine that controls all of Cyemptive’s solutions is the

Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM) + Cyemptive Datacenter Manager (CDM).

The CEM is essential to support all of Cyemptive’s solutions and thus will be included as part of any combination of solutions selected by the customer.

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