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Cyemptive Technologies Wins Ten 2022 “ASTORS” Homeland Security Awards, the Most of Any Company at this Year’s Competition

Nov 21, 2022 – Cyemptive Technologies, the only cybersecurity company that guarantees to eliminate cyber threats, today announced it is the recipient of ten 2022 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards from American Security Today – more than any other company at this year’s competition.

Cyemptive Technologies to Host Webinar on the Dangers of Hardware Attacks and How to Protect Against Them

May 11, 2022 – Cyemptive Technologies, today announced it will host a webinar on “Hardware Attacks: from the sublime to the ridiculous!”, a live discussion on the dangers of “attack” hardware devices and how to protect against them, on Wednesday, May 25, at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.

Former FBI Cyber Agent, Author and Keynote Speaker Scott Augenbaum Headlines New Cybersecurity Webinar Series on “Building The Zero Trust Concept” Hosted by Cyemptive Technologies

March 16, 2022 – Cyemptive Technologies, today announced that former FBI cyber agent, author and keynote speaker Scott Augenbaumwill headline the first in the company’s new Cyber-Fail webinar series on “Building the Zero Trust Concept” on Wednesday, March 23 at 11 am Pacific Daylight Time.

Cyemptive Technologies To Host Webinar on “Five Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe During the Holiday Shopping Season”

December 8, 2021 – Cyemptive Technologies, will host the webinar on “Five Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe During the Holiday Shopping Season,” on Wednesday, December 15, at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.

Cyemptive Technologies Wins Two Awards from “American Security Today” in the ASTORS Department of Homeland Security Award Competition

November 18, 2021 – Cyemptive Technologies, a provider of preemptive cybersecurity products and technology and winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative security-related solution in the market, announced today that it has won two 2021 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards from American Security Today.  Cyemptive won a Platinum Award for the “Best Anti-Malware Solution for the Cyemptive Zero Trust Access Solution,” and a Silver Award for “Best Cyber Security End to End Encryption Solution” for its Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress Solution. 


On Demand Webinar: Hardware Attacks: From the sublime to the ridiculous!

How do cables, USB devices, micro-drives, processor boards, and other simple computer hardware accessories present a threat to your environment? These everyday devices can be converted into malicious attack hardware, where keystrokes, low-level firmware, and credentials can be at risk or create an attack.

Join Adrian Santangelo and Gerges Hana as they discuss with Mike and Marcel how hardware attacks may shock your understanding of what is possible.

On Demand Webinar: You thought implementing Zero Trust was complicated? It doesn’t have to be!!

Have you built a fortress wall to protect your environment? Do you feel protected, safe and secure with the wall you have? Traditional implementations suggest building the wall higher and thicker to further protect your environment.

What about new attacks that might come from either underground or over the wall – Zero-Day Attacks?

Only Cyemptive can protect against the increasingly sophisticated attacks with our layered approach, bundling multiple solutions together.

On Demand Webinar: Imagine a World Where the Threat of a Cyber-Attack is Eliminated!

Join Lynn McLean, Cyemptive’s Senior Vice President of Sales, and Alan Yarusevich, Principal Security Architect, to learn how the Cyemptive Solutions can prevent against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.


On Demand Webinar: Five Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe During the Holiday Shopping Season

From now to the New Year, Cybercriminals are ramping their activities to exploit vulnerable online retail circumstances. In 2021, over 2.14 Billion people are shopping online! Don’t let the cyber criminals get YOUR information!!

Join Cyemptive for an informative webinar where we highlight at least Five Tips for Staying Cyber-safe During the Holiday Shopping Season! Hosted by SVP Lynn McLean, tips will be shared that will help businesses, organizations and consumers to navigate the perils of online shopping. Stay Cyber-safe!

On Demand Webinar: Inside the creative mind of Cyemptive’s CEO & Founder, Rob Pike; “How Cyemptive takes a Revolutionary approach to Cybersecurity”

Join Us for a Live interview with Rob Pike on the Cyemptive Difference, and how the Cyemptive Solutions protect against Ransomware and other threats.

You will learn what inspired the creation of Cyemptive Solutions, and Rob will explain why the solutions are so revolutionary. Rob will discuss the concept of Pre-emptive in cyber, rather than Reactive or Proactive, and he will also touch on “Superior Cyber-hygiene”, among other fun and interesting topics.

Learn how Cyemptive can change the future of Cybersecurity!