Network & Perimeter Protection

This level of protection is mostly handled by firewalls and protects Data in Flight or in transit between datacenters, remote workers, connectivity to Public Cloud services. Cyemptive provides outer perimeters (firewalls) and inner perimeters (Defense-in-Depth) while CZTA provides secured, encrypted methods to protect data in flight where traditional VPNs cannot.

The Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) is a highly available revolutionary perimeter defense solution for datacenters which stops today’s most advanced global hackers and provides security at load balancer, proxy server, and web server levels.

The Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (CZTA) agent is an add-on feature to our Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) solution leading a new, revolutionary defense to properly secure an organization’s remote workforce, data, and connections to corporate and private networks.