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The 5 Things You Did NOT Know About Cybersecurity …and MUST Know

This is a great read for anyone who wants to make sure their company’s cybersecurity practices are not only current but correct.

A New Approach to Cybersecurity – The Cyemptive Difference

This is a great read to better understand what the Cyemptive approach to cybersecurity is and how we accelerate beyond our competitors.

Understanding Ransomware and Beating it with Cyemptive

In this paper we dive into the world of ransomware so you can have a better understanding of how it would impact your company.



Learn More About Cyemptive Technologies and Cyber Security

In this video you will learn more about Cyemptive Technologies and what makes us different from our competitors. From removing cyber threats in real-time to eliminating cyber-attacks. With our patented technology and financially backed performance guarantees, your company is sure to stay cyber safe with Cyemptive.

Don’t Let Cyber Attacks Compromise Your eDiscovery

See how Lighthouse Cybersecurity is leading the legal industry in threat protection with Cyemptive Technologies solutions.


On Demand Webinar: Hardware Attacks: From the sublime to the ridiculous!

How do cables, USB devices, micro-drives, processor boards, and other simple computer hardware accessories present a threat to your environment? These everyday devices can be converted into malicious attack hardware, where keystrokes, low-level firmware, and credentials can be at risk or create an attack.

Join Adrian Santangelo and Gerges Hana as they discuss with Mike and Marcel how hardware attacks may shock your understanding of what is possible.

On Demand Webinar: You thought implementing Zero Trust was complicated? It doesn’t have to be!!

Have you built a fortress wall to protect your environment? Do you feel protected, safe and secure with the wall you have? Traditional implementations suggest building the wall higher and thicker to further protect your environment.

What about new attacks that might come from either underground or over the wall – Zero-Day Attacks?

Only Cyemptive can protect against the increasingly sophisticated attacks with our layered approach, bundling multiple solutions together.

On Demand Webinar: Imagine a World Where the Threat of a Cyber-Attack is Eliminated!

Join Lynn McLean, Cyemptive’s Senior Vice President of Sales, and Alan Yarusevich, Principal Security Architect, to learn how the Cyemptive Solutions can prevent against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.

On Demand Webinar: Inside the creative mind of Cyemptive’s CEO & Founder, Rob Pike; “How Cyemptive takes a Revolutionary approach to Cybersecurity”

You will learn what inspired the creation of Cyemptive Solutions, and Rob will explain why the solutions are so revolutionary. Rob will discuss the concept of Pre-emptive in cyber, rather than Reactive or Proactive, and he will also touch on “Superior Cyber-hygiene”, among other fun and interesting topics.

On Demand Webinar: Want the SECRETS to preventing Ransomware? Hear what former FBI Cyber Agent and Microsoft CIO/CISO reveal.

Join our Fireside Chat featuring Scott Augenbaum, author, keynote speaker and retired FBI Cyber Division Agent and Jim DuBois, Cyemptive CSO and former Microsoft CIO/CISO where they will highlight best practices including cyber-hygiene, defense-in-depth, zero trust and pre-emptive protection.

On Demand Webinar: Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack. What everyone MUST know!

A successful Ransomware attack isn’t a single event, it’s a carefully planned series of manual and automated actions designed to steal, exploit, or crypto-lock sensitive data with the end goal of a payday.

On Demand Webinar: A Cyber-Crisis is Upon Us! Executive Order and NIST Guidance Provide Hope

Join Cyemptive Technologies, ViON, and Lighthouse in talking about the new Executive Order and the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines to help improve National Cybersecurity

On Demand Webinar: You are compliant, but are you secure?

Join Cyemptive Compliance Experts as we explore revolutionary cybersecurity solutions with compliance at center stage. Cyemptive combines compliance and security into a seamless experience.

On Demand Webinar: Be Cyber-Safe with Cyemptive Solutions

Join Cyemptive’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jim DuBois, and the Cyemptive Team to learn how to be more Cyber-Safe in your data center and networked environments.

On Demand Webinar: With virtual offices being the new norm, how secure are your organizations’ data and network environments?

Join Cyemptive and Northwest University while we talk about the trends and cyber security risks with increased numbers of staff working virtually, while connecting to their organizations’ networks.

On Demand Webinar: On the Recent SolarWinds Cyber Incident

Join Cyemptive’s CEO & Founder – Rob Pike and Cyemptive’s Senior Security Architect & Ethical Hacker – Bryan Seely in this webinar to inform you about what actually occurred during the recently discovered SolarWinds supply chain hacking event. Cyemptive will outline how you and your organization are impacted and what you need to do immediately.