Cyemptive Management

What is Cyemptive SIEM?


The Cyemptive Security Information and Event Manager (CSM) solution is an active threat response system designed for security operation data collection, real-time action response, analysis, and alerting. CSM is built on our CyberSlice© technology and implemented in our Security Operation Centers (SOC) including multiple layers of Defense in Depth (D-i-D) to ensure data is collected, stored, and processed securely with immutability. Cyemptive uses our patented technology with end-to-end Zero Trust architecture to collect, secure, consolidate, analyze, and alert on unique sensor, telemetry, and log data from all Cyemptive solutions deployed in an organization’s environment. Since threats have been isolated and eliminated in seconds, we are able to provide precision-based, real-time SIEM analytics for rapid tracking, alerting, and reporting. Real-Time dashboards using our Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) are available to administrators for displaying Detected and Exterminated Threats with the ability to export to PDF for internal and legal review. Cyemptive understands that organizational, legal, compliance, and security needs greatly differ. We provide standardized SIEM dashboards, filters, and report capabilities and offer custom services to meet any need.

The Problems Solved

SIEM collection is only as good as the devices that are able to identify, collect, secure, and report on events. When organizations have many standalone software and hardware security solutions that do not detect all security issues and are not fully integrated end-to-end, then the analytics and reporting of the SIEM is compromised from the start. Cross ”X” Detection and Response (XDR) is an attempt to detect threats from multiple sources while Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is used to manage all the data collected. These collect and manage data AFTER the threats have infiltrated an environment and IF a physical log trail exists. SIEM data is security related data, and its immutability is important for proper review, alerting, or legal proceedings, and it must be secured with end-to-end Zero Trust architected environments. Sophisticated and elite hackers have shown the ability to bypass Access Controls to remove or modify log data in transit (Data in Flight) or when written to centralized storage (Data at Rest). A single vendor who can protect, detect, and securely report on Network & Perimeter, Application & Infrastructure, Data & File, Endpoint, and Public Cloud security is important to correlate all data and deliver a complete spectrum of alerts on events.

How accurate and immutable is your organization’s SIEM data? Was everything collected?

CSM is an active threat response system that does NOT rely on log data for event detection like XDR and MDR.
CSM collects and alerts on unique sensor, telemetry, and log data across the entire computing environment.
Threats are detected, isolated, and eliminated in seconds providing real-time, precision-based SIEM analytics.

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