Cyemptive Management

Cyemptive Solution Management and the Cyemptive SIEM provide a single pane of glass to manage your entire Cyemptive environment architected on end-to-end Zero Trust with an on-premises and SOC service offering.

Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM) is the control center and execution engine that controls all of Cyemptive’s solutions is the Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM), including plug-in modules for managing Datacenters, multi-clouds, web applications, applications and Perimeters.

The CEM is essential to support all of Cyemptive’s solutions and thus will be included as part of any combination of solutions selected by the customer.

The Cyemptive Security Information and Event Manager (CSM) solution is an active threat response system designed for security operation data collection, real-time action response, analysis, and alerting. CSM is built on our CyberSlice© technology and implemented in our Security Operation Centers (SOC) including multiple layers of Defense in Depth (D-i-D) to ensure data is collected, stored, and processed securely with immutability.