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Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES)

Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES)


The Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES) solution utilizes our CyberScan© technology in a scalable solution to detect and prevent cybersecurity issues before they enter and harm operating systems or networks. It Fingerprints files to detect and prevent both known and unknown forms of encryption with thousands of file types cataloged to date.

CES preemptively scans, identifies, detects, and stops known and unknown Malicious Encryption, Sleeper Ransomware, Hidden File Executables, Packers, Malware, Steganography, and more prior to infection.

CES is built on a Zero Trust platform and incorporates our highly efficient cluster technology for scalability and rapid scanning of massive operational and backup datasets.

The Problems Solved

Traditional solutions attempt to reduce detection time from months to days with “big data” analytics and human intervention and cannot “keep up” because data exfiltration happens in seconds to minutes. Organizations heavily investing in “leading” cybersecurity solutions are being compromised far more often than publicly known. Offensive hacking is growing 10x faster than defensive protection. All traditional solutions fall short in effectiveness and completely rely on API monitoring, checksums, white lists and signature-based detection.

Traditional solutions are NOT working. It’s time for a change.

Scan data coming from outside your organization to ensure compromised files do not enter your network.
Scan backup data to ensure file integrity during recovery operations with a full manifest and chain of custody.
Scan information leaving your organization to be provided to a related stakeholder to ensure you are not unintentionally infecting their systems.

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