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Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress (CEF)

Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress (CEF)


The Cyemptive Endpoint Fortress (CEF) is an endpoint protection solution with a real-time, active response that secures, monitors, scans, and enforces security policies and compliance for user endpoints inside or outside of an organization’s environment, including remote workers anywhere. An integral suite of unified software leverages Machine Learning (ML) among other patented Cyemptive technologies to scan and secure systems from malware, ransomware, targeted and phishing attacks, while enforcing policies and compliance. Unique Cyemptive sensors with real-time monitoring of security data and behavioral anomalies, seen by more sophisticated attacks, are quickly detected and remediated to keep users, organizations, and their data safe. It employs active banning, gateway filtering, endpoint isolation, and real-time monitoring to completely secure data on storage devices (Data at Rest), applications and security policies that govern the use of the data (Data in Use), or all the hardware and communications to protect movement of the data (Data in Flight). Sensor and log data is securely collected, aggregated, and deeply analyzed by the Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM) and SIEM for additional alerting and analytics.

Remote worker endpoint systems with CEF also leverage our Cyemptive Zero Trust Access (CZTA) agents to completely secure and encrypt communications in and out of a datacenter to protect and secure all data and policies being enforced.

The Problems Solved

Endpoints are systems operated by one or more users and contain individualized applications, profiles, and data related to the user and organization managing the system. Some organizations employ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies where the system containing personal and organizational data is owned by the user. If users are unaware or do not follow best security practices all the time, these systems can become the intrusion point for malware, viruses, and ransomware that if connected to a datacenter; can infect critical systems. Since about 70% of compromises are caused by improper human actions, endpoints are the start of organizational breaches for: Data in Use, Data at Rest, and Data in Flight. Competitive point solutions do not have the ability to fully protect Data at Rest, Data in Use, or Data in Flight.

Can you afford NOT to enforce security policies for your organization’s priceless data?

Leverages Machine Learning (ML) and patented Cyemptive technologies to scan and secure endpoint systems.
Cyemptive secures all states of data on endpoints; Data in Use, Data at Rest, and Data in Flight.
Endpoint systems with CEF also leverages our CZTA to secure and encrypt communications in and out of datacenters

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