Infrastruture Protection

Cyemptive DNS Fortress (CDF)


CDF is an Infrastructure Protection, on-premise solution or Cyemptive remote service providing the first secure DNS resolving service for all servers and endpoints in a computing environment. We provide CDF in our trusted Defense-in-Depth (D-i-D) blueprint using our patented CyberSlice© and sensors to enable a completely secure platform providing Domain Name System (DNS) resolving services for internal and external communications. DNS is a hierarchical, decentralized, and naming system used to identify computers reachable through the Internet Protocol (IP). It maps human readable names to IP addresses for internal and external communications. This service is used by most computing environments and remote workers especially for web browser URL resolution. Cyemptive’s CDF secures this name resolving service for datacenter and remote workforce use.

The Problems Solved

DNS is one of the widest used protocols for internet access, web sites, email, and many other application communications. Gateway Hijacking and Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks have become prevalent in many core networks and service providers. When a gateway is hijacked or a MITM attack succeeds for DNS services, traffic can be re-routed to other countries, sites, bad actor systems where data can be taken or changed in-flight. Operating system patch updates can be changed in real-time to plant viruses or malicious code while the end systems believe it is a secure and verified transfer. These redirects in communications can affect all internet protocols and can render organizations vulnerable to compromises while risking their computing environments and brand recognition. This can occur in datacenter and remote worker communications and may NEVER be caught or detected.

Would you willingly give your organization’s Intellectual Property to a bad nation state? It may have already happened.

Secures mapping of human readable names to IP addresses (DNS) for internal and external communications.
Protects against Man-in-The-Middle (MITM) attacks using our proven Defense-in-Depth blueprints.
Stops attacks against name resolution; which is used by most internal and external communications.

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