Our Services

Cyemptive provides a comprehensive SUITE OF SERVICE covering security, compliance, IT and cloud.


We tailor our service model to your size and organization structure combining our suite of solutions with selected services.

Security Services


Cyemptive has built the next generation of cyber defense and alerts to handle millions of attacks per minute while managing the attacks in real-time.

Our revolutionary approach is the first technology to be able to identify and verify bad actors within seconds of encroachment.

With the combination of real-time automated alert validation, auto incident response, situation awareness and root cause analysis we are your go to security experts.

Managed IT services


Manage and secure your cyber world while eliminating technology gaps that burdens your core business resources.

Cyemptive provides enterprise quality management of your desktops, servers and other network devices, combined with 24/7 help desk support for your end users.

From managed service plans for small – medium sized businesses to enterprise level menu based service platforms, Cyemptive has your IT services covered.

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