Network & Perimeter Protection

Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF)


The Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) is a highly available revolutionary perimeter defense solution for datacenters which stops today’s most advanced global hackers and provides security at load balancer, proxy server, and web server levels. It does this in seconds and prior to compromise. CPF prevents network, root level, and firmware attacks with ease as our patented underlying CyberSlice© technology does not wait for a compromise to occur. It’s the only solution that prevents Zero-Day attacks both Discovered and Undiscovered as well as persistent advanced attacks, AI offensive and today’s quantum computing attacks.

The Problems Solved

Today’s firewall and perimeter solutions are not stopping advanced global hackers or preventing new sophisticated, persistent threats. They don’t properly protect network perimeters, stop AI offensive threats or quantum computer attacks, handle all root level firmware, Zero Day attacks, nor provide the ability to withstand and thwart attacks in seconds. Leading vendors don’t have the confidence to offer financially backed SLAs in Seconds/Minutes.

Why let an attacker into the network to attempt to find them later?

Leverages Machine Learning (ML) and patented Cyemptive technologies to scan and secure endpoint systems.
Cyemptive secures all states of data on endpoints; Data in Use, Data at Rest, and Data in Flight.
Endpoint systems with CEF also leverages our CZTA to secure and encrypt communications in and out of datacenters

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