Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)

The control center and execution engine that controls all of Cyemptive’s solutions is the Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM), including plug-in modules for managing Datacenters, multi-clouds, web applications, applications and Perimeters.

The CEM is essential to support all of Cyemptive’s solutions and thus will be included as part of any combination of solutions selected by the customer.

Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)

The CEM is the control center of the combined Cyemptive platform that enables and manages the on-premise platform as well as the global multi-cloud control, provisioning, cross cloud deployments, compliance checking, security controls, cyber scanning and report consolidation.

The Datacenter Manager module is the execution engine providing scalable sizing for all application deployments. The Datacenter Manager deploys to bare metal, virtual machines and containers end-to-end. It integrates existing dev-op tools to perform repeatable, predicable, scalable application deployments, all while maintaining top level security.

The Fortress Manager module provides overall intelligent management control for all CPF’s within your environment. The Fortress Manager automatically detects and reverts unauthorized changes applied to CPFs and alerts administrators per notification policies. The Fortress Manager centrally manages both INBOUND and OUTBOUND configurations of the CPF.

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