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Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)

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Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM)


The Cyemptive Enterprise Manager (CEM) is the control center of the combined Cyemptive platform that enables and manages the on-premise platform as well as the global multi-cloud control, cross cloud deployments, provisioning, compliance checking, security controls, cyber scanning, and reporting. CEM uses our Cyemptive Fortress Manager (CFM) and Cyemptive Datacenter Manager (CDM) modules to control, manage, and alert across the entire Cyemptive environment encompassing our revolutionary Network Protection, Application Protection, and Data Protection solutions to ensure full Zero Trust and Confidentiality. CFM is the Fortress Manager module providing intelligent management control for all Cyemptive Network Protection solutions in your environment. CFM automatically manages, detects, and reverts unauthorized changes applied to Cyemptive Network Protection solution policies and alerts administrators. North-South (inbound/outbound) and East-West (Insider Threat) policies are secured, controlled, and easily managed. CDM is the orchestration and execution engine providing secure, scalable sizing for all Cyemptive Application Protection solutions. CDM deploys to bare metal, virtual machines, and containers. It integrates existing DevOps and DevSecOps tools to perform repeatable, predictable, and scalable application deployments; all while maintaining high levels of confidentiality.

The Problems Solved

Most customers feel the pain of managing firewalls, software security services, antivirus scanners, policies, and more, expending valuable cycles from IT staff and operational cost to the organization. Most deployed cyber-solutions span hardware, software, and reporting; usually including many different vendors and different management interfaces. These solutions do not work together in concert to share vital information. Why expend extra, valuable IT cycles and operational costs?

Utilizes our patented technology to pre-emptively detect unauthorized policy changes and fully secure management for all Cyemptive solutions.
CFM is the Fortress Manager providing intelligent management control for all Cyemptive Network Protection solutions in your environment.
CEM is built from the ground up on a Zero Trust architecture providing the highest level of security and confidentiality.

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