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Hardly a week goes by without another news report of a ransomware attack on a business, government, or even the entire world. Ransomware variants are created several times a day, and even the latest signature-based systems are unable to catch them. The Cyemptive Ransomware Controller (CRC) can stop them all.

Cyemptive’s CRC takes a completely different approach to ransomware and encryption protection. Rather than relying on detecting viruses and trying to keep up with the ever-evolving virus landscape, our encryption protection strategy focuses on the actual effects of encryption attacks and how it spreads. The CRC features a patent-pending method to identify encryption at the lowest possible level of an operating system. This low-impact, “invisible” process can reliably detect all attempts to encrypt your data.

The CRC doesn’t rely on detecting the malware to stop the attack. The CRC doesn’t need to have seen the ransomware variant before it can stop it. The CRC just stops malicious encryption before it gets a chance to make the first disc write.

When you install the CRC as part of your comprehensive security system, the client software affords comprehensive protection to those systems. It doesn’t matter how the threat arrives, whether from an email, or from an infected network peer, the CRC can stop it. The Cyemptive Ransomware Controller is a vital part of any well-secured network system.

Patent-Pending Protection

A completely new approach to Ransomware

New Variant, No Problem

Even if you can’t see them, the CRC can


Protected by the CyberSlice technology

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