Mail Controller

The most common malware entry point is through email. Signature-based systems can catch many forms of malware in mail attachments. However, today there is a new kind of threat that these systems find difficult to catch: embedded threats. The Cyemptive Mail Controller (CMC) is the only mail protection system we know of that stops this new emerging threat.

The CMC uses patent-pending technology to identify and eliminate these new embedded threats unlike any other mail protection system available.

When you install the CMC as part of your comprehensive security system, it protects your inbound mail from these threats. The CMC also uses outbound control to prevent them from spreading.

The Cyemptive Mail Controller is a vital part of any well-secured email system.

Patent-Pending Protection

A completely new approach to mail protection

Embedded Threats

Even if you can’t see them, the CMC can


Protected by the CyberSlice technology

Comprehensive Logging

Reports in detail back to the CGSM

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